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UMortgage West Expands Service to Homebuyers in Utah with Houzd Mortgage Partnership

Published: February 6, 2024

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UMortgage West Expands Service to Homebuyers in Utah with Houzd Mortgage Partnership

BOUNTIFUL, UT., January 29, 2024 — UMortgage West — the Utah-based branch of the national mortgage platform, UMortgage — is delighted to announce that it is partnering with Houzd, a mortgage brokerage serving homebuyers throughout Utah since 2006.

UMortgage West Branch Managers — Kyle Koller, Jimmy Hobson, and Adam West — and a team of 59 Loan Originators have made a tremendous impact on their community in 2023; together, they served more than 1,000 families throughout Utah with dutiful homebuying experiences that put the buyers’ needs first.

UMortgage West’s partnership with Houzd — which served 400 families this year — is a mutual effort to continue to create life-changing opportunities through homeownership for more homebuyers across the state.

“We’ve been looking at partnership opportunities with brokerages throughout our state to help boost our ability to best serve homebuyers in Utah,” said Kyle Koller, a Branch Manager at UMortage West. “The team at Houzd really emerged as the group that aligned directly with our vision. We’re excited to combine our talents to give homebuyers in Utah the best experience possible.”

Houzd was founded in 2007 by President, Anthony VanDyke. With more than 17 years serving homebuyers throughout Utah and California, VanDyke built Houzd to become one of the top-producing brokerages throughout the state.

“Anthony Casa and I go way back, and when I finally saw the glittering opportunity with UMortgage, it was like my wife finding the perfect pair of shoes on sale – you just couldn’t pass it up!” said VanDyke on his decision to bring Houzd to UMortgage.

“I was truly impressed by the loan and marketing resources that UMortgage has cultivated. Their capabilities in these areas far exceed anything I could have achieved on my own, elevating what we can offer to a level I had only dreamed of as a small company owner,” continued VanDyke. “UMortgage's impressive scale gives me access to lower interest rates. This translates into tangible advantages for my real estate partners and mortgage clients. Aligning with UMortgage is akin to unlocking a hidden level in a game, revealing new possibilities and opportunities for everyone involved.”

Carter Campbell, a former Houzd Branch Manager, joins VanDyke at UMortgage West with the pair taking roles as Branch Managers for UMortgage West’s new office in Draper, Utah. Campbell is a Utah native with a decade of experience under his belt in the mortgage industry.

“UMortgage’s momentum and growth in the most difficult market I’ve ever seen is a really attractive prospect as someone who wants to help more homebuyers,” said Campbell. “This platform will allow me to easily scale my business to help more buyers throughout Utah. By providing my homebuyers and Realtor partners with value through education, personable service, and a more accessible mortgage experience, the UMortgage platform is really going to help me become a better Loan Originator and manager.”

Following this merger, UMortgage West will have a roster of 73 Loan Originators accessible for homebuyers across the state with offices in Bountiful and Draper. In 2023, UMortgage West funded more than 1,000 units for $350 million in volume. With Houzd’s 2023 production of 400 units for $185 million, UMortgage West aims to become the top brokerage in the state of Utah.

As a whole, UMortgage has seen consecutive years of exponential growth since its founding in 2020. In 2023, it saw a 116% year-over-year funded volume increase with more than 6,000 families served in 48 states across the nation. UMortgage is eager to continue its trend of doubling its production for a third consecutive year in 2024.

If you’re interested in learning more about the ways that UMortgage is helping create strong communities by offering homebuyers a streamlined and stress-free buying experience, please visit

About UMortgage

UMortgage is a mortgage platform built to help loan originators scale their businesses and create life-changing opportunities through homeownership. With LOs licensed nationwide, UMortgage is providing opportunities to create strong communities through financial literacy, support, and homeownership advocacy.


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Anthony Casa Earns Inman 2024 Best of Finance Honor
PHILADELPHIA, PA., June 26, 2024 — UMortgage today announced that Anthony Casa, President & CEO, has been named one of Inman’s 2024 Best of Finance Award winners. According to Inman, recipients were selected for being the real estate community’s best and brightest leaders in the mortgage and finance space who are innovating within the housing industry and positively reshaping homeownership opportunities for prospective homeowners nationwide. This award comes at the heels of Casa also being named a 2024 Philadelphia Titan 100 awardee—a program that recognizes Philadelphia’s Top 100 CEOs and C-level executives who are innovating and shaping the future of the Philadelphia business community. “While these awards name me personally, they represent all of our team members, past & present, who have worked so incredibly hard to help us build UMortgage to be one of the fastest-growing mortgage companies in America,” stated Casa. “Without them, there is no UMortgage and the success we’ve seen over the last four years is nonexistent. On behalf of our entire UMortgage team, we proudly accept this great recognition and are excited to strive to continue to get better every day!” Following four consecutive years in which the platform posted record figures for funded loan volume and homeowners served, UMortgage is on pace to rewrite its record books once again after surpassing $1 billion in yearly loan volume at the start of June. As the platform nears the halfway point of the year, it has seen a 20% year-over-year increase for homeowners served, reflecting positively on its company vision to create life-changing opportunities through homeownership. UMortgage is implementing new technological advancements to help the platform and its Loan Originators continue to maintain these industry-leading levels of growth. A soon-to-be-announced addition to its executive leadership team will lead the implementation of the new tech stack advancements as well as an AI transformation through its loan process to enhance sales and operational efficiency. If you’re interested in learning more about the ways that the UMortgage platform is helping local mortgage brokers grow their businesses, you can register here for our upcoming Loan Originators Powered by UMortgage call which will be hosted on Thursday, July 27th at 2pm ET. About UMortgage UMortgage is a national mortgage platform on a mission to create life-changing opportunities through homeownership. With Loan Originators licensed from coast to coast, an expansive suite of lenders to shop from, and a quick, clear, & communicative homebuying process, UMortgage is ushering in a modern mortgage experience catered to all homebuyers.
NewsJune 14, 2024
Anthony Casa Named a 2024 Philadelphia Titan 100 Awardee
Anthony Casa, UMortgage President & CEO, embodies the essence of transformative leadership and innovation in the mortgage industry. That’s why we’re proud to announce that he was named a 2024 Philadelphia Titan 100 Recipient—a program that recognizes Philadelphia’s Top 100 CEOs and C-level executives who are innovating and shaping the future of the Philadelphia business community. Since it was founded in 2020, UMortgage has been changing the way brokers serve homebuyers and their real estate agent partners not just in Philadelphia, but also across the country. Anthony’s leadership of UMortgage is characterized by his profound dedication to creating a supportive ecosystem for Loan Originators. Local mortgage brokers play a pivotal role in their community’s homebuying experience; as a staunch advocate for the broker community throughout his career, Anthony has built the UMortgage platform with the tools and resources necessary to enable these brokers to thrive. The contributions Anthony has made to brokers and his local community are nothing new. Before founding UMortgage, Anthony served as the President of Garden State Home Loans—one of the top mortgage brokerages in New Jersey. He later channeled his passion for building a stronger space for mortgage brokers by founding the Association of Independent Mortgage Experts (AIME), a national member trade association with more than 40,000 members. Realizing the importance of new technology to streamline the mortgage process for brokers, real estate agents, and homebuyers, he founded ARIVE. ARIVE is an innovative technology solution designed to offer a modern all-in-one platform for Loan originators. This software is now utilized by more than 14,000 active brokers nationwide. Driven by that same passion to support the broker community with advanced technology, broker support, and community service, Anthony has grown UMortgage into a best-in-class platform that offers tools, resources, and a community that empowers Loan Originators to exceed their potential. The platform offers a first-of-its-kind quarterly coaching program, Level Up Sales Coaching, to all its Loan Originators. It also utilizes a best-in-class tech stack that is actively driving the mortgage industry into the modern age with more than 20 lender options that allow Loan Originators to offer homebuyers to access a truly personalized homebuying experience. Anthony has showcased exceptional leadership skills by navigating the complexities of the mortgage industry and recent market challenges with finesse. His ability to assemble and inspire a team of talented professionals is central to UMortgage's success. Together, they have tackled industry challenges, pioneered technological advancements, and delivered unparalleled service to their clients. UMortgage has navigated recent market headwinds through the winning culture intentionally implemented by Anthony and centralized through the platform’s different stages of growth. UMortgage is built on values that foster innovation, collaboration, and individual & collective excellence. The Philadelphia-based platform is driving the mortgage industry forward and has made record-breaking growth a habit since its foundation in 2020. In May 2024, UMortgage set its company record for monthly funded volume and units and surpassed $1 billion in total loan volume so far in 2024. It is on pace to set a new yearly record for families served and funded units for the 4th straight year, solidifying itself as the fastest-growing mortgage company in America. If you are a broker and want to discover how your business can benefit from the tools and resources available on the UMortgage platform, download our Experience the Difference info packet for an inside look.
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Andrew Chavez Earns Role as UMortgage’s National Director of Sales Development
PHILADELPHIA, PA., June 6th, 2024 — UMortgage announced today that Andrew Chavez has stepped into the role of National Director of Sales Development. In his new role, Chavez will partner with Branch Managers to develop sales strategies, training seminars, and growth initiatives to National produce a consistent and excellent client experience for all UMortgage homebuyers. Before he entered the mortgage space, Chavez served 9 years in the United States Army Special Forces. During his distinguished military career as a Green Beret, he earned several honors including a Bronze Star for exemplary leadership during the Global War on Terrorism and a valor award for bravery in Afghanistan. Chavez’s passion for instructing and developing leaders led him to his new role. While in the military, he was tasked to develop Special Forces soldiers and National Defense contractors at an elite level. That passion continued after his time in the military and manifested itself through his leadership at his brokerage, UMortgage Springfield. “It’s an honor to assume this position alongside many other distinguished senior leaders at UMortgage,” expressed Chavez. “In this new role, I’m looking forward to taking my years of training and development experience to provide our Branch Managers & LOs with new tools, resources, and perspectives that will enable them to better support their local communities and become the best versions of themselves.” At the start of the year, Chavez transitioned his brokerage to the UMortgage platform to offer more accessible homebuying opportunities to its community throughout Missouri. Since making the switch, UMortgage Springfield has become one of the 10 top-producing branches year-to-date at UMortgage. Chavez’s leadership and development skills have been imperative to the continued growth of the UMortgage platforms since his arrival in January. Back-to-back record months for funded units and volume in April and May catalyzed the platform’s best start to a yearly cycle with more than $1 billion in funded volume by the end of May–a milestone reached 6 weeks faster than the same last year when UMortgage surpassed $1 billion at the end of June 2023. In his role as National Director of Sales Development, Chavez will lay the groundwork for UMortgage’s Branch Managers and their teams of Loan Originators to continue the company’s trajectory for another year of record growth. Broker owners or loan officers who are interested in contributing to this exponential growth can download UMortgage's Experience the Difference packet for a comprehensive look at the business-boosting benefits available at UMortgage. About UMortgage UMortgage is a national mortgage platform on a mission to create life-changing opportunities through homeownership. With Loan Originators licensed from coast to coast, an expansive suite of lenders to shop from, and a quick, clear, & communicative homebuying process, UMortgage is ushering in a modern mortgage experience catered to all homebuyers.

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