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Brian Barkowski

Branch Manager

NMLS ID 1623815

Brian Barkowski, Branch Manager for The Ironbank Mortgage Group Powered by UMortgage, is located in Downers Grove and is a home mortgage brokerage that serves up to 45 states and provides home loans and refinancing options while partnering with the nation’s top lenders. Our goal is to provide the best possible home loan experience throughout this most important and often emotional process. We strive to serve our customers with honesty, integrity, and competence. Your home provides the foundation for your family to grow and prosper. It is a safe place where dreams are realized, and memories are created and shared.

Areas Served


Our Company Core Values Are at the Heart of Everything We Do


Experience is Everything

We approach each moment with the conscious knowledge that it will create a lasting impression of our personal and professional brands. Our goal is to have everyone we interact with associate us with integrity, respect, and expertise. We put our best foot forward in every exchange.


Relationships Not Transactions

We prioritize the fostering of relationships, as opposed to the completion of transactions. Focusing on the individual allows us to cultivate trust and find solutions that serve everyone. We meet people where they are on their journey and personalize our interactions to their specific needs.


Get Better Every Day

We commit to being better than we were yesterday. Continuous growth breeds fresh ideas and success. We challenge ourselves to question the why and disrupt the status quo.


Create Strong Communities

We aim to create strong communities, both inside and outside of our team. Having a strong sense of belonging is paramount to the success and happiness of everyone in our sphere. We always put the needs of many over the needs of one and work side by side to accomplish common goals.


Own the Moment

We win, fail, and grow as a team. By taking ownership of our actions, we become accountable and allow ourselves to evolve. We take every opportunity to learn from our mistakes and celebrate our successes, both big and small.